JEE Preparation Using NCERT Textbooks – IIT JEE 2020 Guide

By | March 5, 2020

The JEE exam is one of the most prestigious exams held in the country with the aim of granting admission to the top engineering colleges across the country. Rigorous preparation is done by aspirants everywhere to make it to the top ranks to gain admission. Candidates would refer different books as it is one of the strategies employed by them to score a high percentile for the exam. The question then comes as to how helpful NCERT Textbooks would be when it comes to preparing for a test of this level.

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The answer for this query would be a resounding yes owing to the fact that standard textbooks like them contains every necessary topic that would appear for the exam. If the aspirants have covered every problems like the exercises with questions, solved example and reactions with tables, this would imply that they have covered every aspect in the textbook. Thus the candidates would be able to score around 200 to 240 all relying on the quality of their preparation.

To support the above statement let us do an analysis of JEE Main 2020 questions pattern. To facilitate easy understanding, the questions could be categorized into three categories given below:

  1. Easy questions that could be solved within a short time period that are most likely taken right from the NCERT books. It is marked with blue color.
  2. Tweaked or modified questions taken from the textbook that requires a little application and thinking skills based on what you have learned from the texts. Such questions would fall under moderate difficulty category. It is marked with maroon color.
  3. Questions outside the purview of standard textbooks which requires you to do additional reference from other texts and practice using them. Such questions would be somewhat hard. These are marked with light green color.

Each subject has 30 questions.

Below diagram shows marks distribution for Chemistry







Below diagram shows marks distribution for Maths

Below diagram shows the marks distribution for Physics

Thus there would be 90 questions in total. Below is the diagram which shows the analysis of questions altogether

And there are total 90 questions. Overall analysis:

From the above observation, it is evident that if candidates are able to solve every question in category 1 and 2, they would be able to score above 240 in the JEE Main exam for sure but there are possibilities for them to make some errors here and there which would penalize them with negative marks. Hence the chances for candidates to score around 200 to 240 are always there and it all would depend on the candidate’s efficiency.

The only reason why we have left the category 3 questions behind is not due to the fact that they are highly difficult but requires a little more practice and extra knowledge.

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Thus the above analysis would have given you an idea why standard texts would help the aspirants immensely if they wish to clear competitive exams at the higher level and this has been the only reason why students cover the topics in them with great dedication.

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